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Confessions of a working mum…

I don’t always give Baby O a bath everyday I hold back the tears as I drive to work most days I pretend I already know about O’s “firsts” (standing up etc) when the nanny tells me I eat Baby O’s food as I’m batch cooking it (salmon with leeks and butter is amazing) He […]

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Negotiating salary

Did you negotiate your salary?

Research reveals that men are four times more likely to ask for higher pay than women with the same qualifications and experience. That’s a pretty high statistic. In fact, by neglecting to negotiate your first salary as a woman at the beginning of your career, you many actually end up losing out on over a […]

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Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher: transformative, formidable and gutsy

How can I not blog on the recent passing of an inspirational business woman who pioneered and championed change and was to me, and many, an inspiring role model: Margaret Thatcher. Many people have different opinions and ideas about her time as Britain’s Prime Minister for the Conservative party. Whatever your opinion on her decisions, […]

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Walking in high heels

At the beginning of this year I was part of a small team that put together an award entry for our company. The entry involved setting up new company schemes and programmes, analysing staff survey data and creating action plans as well as writing an 80-page award submission document. It was a pretty big project. […]

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Mary Poppins

As an expat and working mum, it’s important to me that I have the right support around my family. I’ll be taking just eight to ten weeks off work, and as I live abroad, I will be leaving my most treasured possession with a non-family member. Therefore getting the right nanny/maid is incredibly important. I […]

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Two personalities

We all know it is important to try and keep work and home life separate. Even more so with the imminent arrival of the baby. I’ve always tried to have a work hat and a home hat. Obviously sometimes I bring work issues home, but I do try and avoid this when possible. I have never changed my […]

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